Photo Gallery







SPSP Aron lab dinner 2008




IARR 2008 Lab Lunch

[left] Greg Strong, Mona Xu, Dylan Selterman, Natalie Nardone,

Irene Tsapelas, Deb Mashek, Hayley Fivecoat, Art Aron, Jen Rodden




Graduate Brunch 2008: Celebrating Greg Strong and Bianca Acevedo

From left: Kristin Davies, Art Aron, Bianca Acevedo,

Dylan Selterman, Mona Xu, Jen Rodden




Aron Lab as of May 2007




Having fun at SPSP 2007




Having fun at SPSP 2007




Dr. Aron (right) as he accepts his

Distinguished Career Award at the IARR 2006 Award Dinner




Dr. Aron with current and former grad students at IARR 2006 Award Dinner

[top] Jen, Art, Gary, Deb [bottom] Sue, Mona, Bianca, Irene




the big, just kidding...but all of them are top researchers

Harry Reis, Caryl Rusbult, Art Aron, Margaret Clark, John Holmes

IARR Conference, 2006