The Stony Brook University Department of Psychology was founded in 1960 and is one of Stony Brook's largest and strongest departments, having awarded more than 800 Ph.D. degrees since its inception.

The Department offers training in Integrative Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Social & Health Psychology. One of our great strengths, however, is our high degree of collaboration that transcends traditional academic boundaries and the numerous cross-cutting themes of study available as part of our graduate training. For further information, please click on Areas of Study.

Applications to the PhD Program are accepted September 15 through December 15th for the following FALL. Applications to the One Year Master's Program are accepted January 15th through February 28th for the upcoming SUMMER.

Cluster Hiring Initiative

October 15, 2013 – Provost Dennis Assanis, PhD announced last week that three departments — Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, and Neurobiology and Behavior— have jointly received approval to hire three new faculty members to study the cognitive affective neuroscience of anxiety and depression as part of the University’s Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative. The project, titled Clinical Affective Neuroscience of Anxiety and Depression (CANAD), will enable the creation of a multi-disciplinary team of scholars collaborating to study affective disorders in humans and animal models.

The project, with a start-up budget of just under $3 million, will be led by Greg Hajcak Proudfit, PhD of the Department of Psychology. The new tenure track positions, which will be at the level of Assistant Professor or early Associate Professor, will include a psychologist with expertise in the developmental cognitive neuroscience of threat and/or reward systems, a psychiatrist with expertise in psychopharmacology related to anxiety and depressive disorders, and a systems neuroscientist with expertise in animal models of reward and/or threat systems. See"

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October 24, 2013, 4:00 PM, room A-109
"Embodied Mind: Resting State Brain Activity Is Associated With Autonomic Arousal."
Dr. Christine DeLorenzo, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and BME

November 7, 2013, 4:00 PM, room A-109
"Mapping dynamic brain functions."
Dr. Daniela Schulz, Assistant Professor of Neurobiology