The Psychology Department Honors Thesis Program is designed to allow a small number of majors to have an intensive research experience beginning in the spring semester of their junior year and continuing through the end of their senior year. To be eligible for the Honors program, students are expected to have an overall GPA of 3.5 and a Psychology GPA of 3.5, and to have completed their core psychology courses (PSY 103, PSY 201 or equivalent, and PSY 310). Applications for the Honors program are available outside PSY B-116 and should be completed during the first semester of your junior year. The deadline is some time during the FIRST week of November.

The following are some representative Honors Theses recently completed in the program:

Maria Anderson
Faculty Advisor: John Robinson
Title: A Behavioral Characterization of the 5XFAD Mouse Model of Alzheimerís Disease

Sakshi Bhargava
Faculty Advisor: Bonita London- Thompson
Title: Activation of Rejection Sensitivity and Its Effects on Self Confidence and Cognitive Performance in Women

Janna Coronel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arthur Aron
Title: "Wanna grab a bite?" Eating and Close Relationships

Carson Dance
Faculty Advisor: Arthur Samuel
Title: The Effect of Second Language Acquisition on Phonemic Restoration

Dipan Danda
Faculty Advisor: Leighann Litcher-Kelly
Title: I'm Sick of My Job: The Health Implications of Job Dissatisfaction

Emmanuel Garcia
Faculty Advisor: Hoi-Chung Leung
Title: Where is it? Shifting Attention in Spatial Working Memory

Kaitlyn Gorman
Faculty Advisor: Joanne Davila
Title: Romance Through the Worry: Possible Moderating Effects of Self-Monitoring on Anxiety and Relationship Satisfaction

Kanako Ishida
Faculty Advisor: Christian Luhmann
Title: Anxiety and Decisions about Delayed Probabilistic Reward

Amy Lynn Medina
Faculty Advisor: Greg Hajcak
Title: Physiological Responses to Threatening Faces and Complex Pictures

Mai Nguyen
Faculty Advisor: Hoi-Chung Leung
Title: There It Is: Spatial References and Attention Shifting in Spatial Working Memory

Jennifer Piscitello
Faculty Advisors: Richard Heyman & Amy Slep
Title: Discriminating Factors between Detected and Undetected Maltreating Families

Margaret Ptak
Faculty Advisor: Patricia Whitaker
Title: A Telephone Survey Focusing on Prenatal, Perinatal and Neonatal Events for Mothers of Autistic Children

Michael Sweeters
Faculty Advisor: Markus Maier
Title: Canít Take My Eyes Off of You: Combined Effects of the Color Red And Attractiveness on Attention

David Tang
Faculty Advisor: Greg Hajcak
Title: The Effect of Anger on Behavioral Inhibition

Jean Ee Tang
Faculty Advisor: Brenda Anderson
Title: Coping vs. Anxiety: The Consequences of Psychological Stress in Rat Models.