Seven students have completed their dissertations from work in our lab. In addition we have been fortunate to have PostDocs, research assistants and high school students contribute their ideas and work. This is a brief summary of the papers and students who have published based on work done in our lab. (Papers marked with "**" are based on the student's dissertation).


Lucinda DeWitt (1989)
(Co-advisor: Robert Crowder)
Took a faculty position at Depauw University
she is now at the University of Minnesota

Mark Pitt (1990)
(Co-advisor: Robert Crowder)
Is now a Professor at Ohio State University

Lee Wurm (1996)
Took an NIMH-funded at SUNY Binghamton with Cindy Connine
Is now an Associate Professor at Wayne State University

Sven Mattys (1997)
Took a postdoc position at Johns Hopkins with Peter Jusczyk and Michael Brent
Took a research position at the House Ear Institute in the Spoken Language Processes Laboratory
Is now a Professor at the University of Bristol

Stu Silverberg (2002)
Is now an adjunct Assistant Professor at Westmoreland Community College

Siyun Liu (2004)
Is now an Associate Professor at the Central China Normal University

Tanya Kraljic(2005)
(Co-advisor: Susan Brennan)
Took a PostDoc Position at UC San Diego and a PostDoc at the University of Pennsylvania
is now a User Interface Designer at Nuance Communications

Meghan Sumner (PostDoc 2003-6)
Is now an Assistant Professor at Stanford in the Linguistics Department

Melissa Gregg (2009)
Took a Post Doc at Universtiy of Nevada at Los Vegas with Joel Snyder

High school students participating in the Intel National Science Talent Search


Matt Troicki
Kings Park High School >>Dartmouth

(Semi-Finalist Intel National Science Talent Search 1997)

Samuel, A.G., and Troicki, M. (1998). Articulation quality is inversely related to redundancy when children or adults have verbal control. Journal of Memory and Language, 39, 175-194. <

Schuyler Weiner
Kings Park High School > Johns Hopkins

Samuel, A. G., and Weiner, S.K. (2001). Attentional consequences of object appearance and disappearance. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 27, 1433-1451.

Jerrold Lieblich
Ward Melville High School > Yale University

(Finalist Intel National Science Talent Search 2005)

Samuel, A.G., & Lieblich, J. (2007). When the mind's ear doesn't hear what the brain's ear does: McGurk effect clues to the role of lexical information in spoken word recognition.

Kalyan Ray-Mazumder
High School
(Semi-finalistIntel National Science Talent Search 2007)

Title of project: “Do Perceptual Learning and Selective Adaptation Occur without Conscious Awareness?”

Yuval Calev
Ward Melville High School-->Cornell University

(Finalist Intel National Science Talent Search 2008)

Title of project: “Language Perception, Production, and Memory: A Comparison of Older and Younger Adults”

Ryan Paragoris

Ward Melville High School

Title of project: “The Effect of Dialect Representation on the Perception of Phonemic Variation”